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Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual


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So here are my scribblings about two characters called Arizona and Callie. 

And here are all my scribblings about Greys' characters not called Arizona or Callie (although they occasionally sneak in).


Calzona: The ( Not a ) Fairytale 5/?

Title: Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale.

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Callie, Arizona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arizona lost. And it's a few weeks later. And in a few days Callie will be moving to NewYork with Sofia for their new life. And Arizona will find a way to keep breathing. At least that's the plan.

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

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Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale 4/?

Title: Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale.

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Callie, Arizona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arizona lost. And it's a few weeks later. And in a few days Callie will be moving to NewYork with Sofia for their new life. And Arizona will find a way to keep breathing. At least that's the plan.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

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Calzona: The (Not a) Fairytale 3/?

Title: Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale.

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Callie, Arizona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arizona lost. And it's a few weeks later. And in a few days Callie will be moving to New York with Sofia for their new life. And Arizona will find a way to keep breathing. At least that's the plan. 

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

Miranda Bailey sighed loudly into the silence of the now empty boardroom. Meetings were her least favourite part of being Chief and, these days, Board Meetings were her least favourite of all. The last few had been fraught due not to anything medical or administrative but the personal.

She swore if she could ban work romances altogether she would; work and love should not mix. She sighed as she thought of her latest argument this morning with Ben. Their's would be an entirely argument free blissfully happy relationship were she not his Chief and he a fool resident.

At least at Board level it would be better when Torres was gone and she'd found an adequate replacement Head of Ortho. Adequate was the best she could hope for as she scanned the resumės of the candidates. The Deputy ( and acting head from tomorrow) was fine, he'd benefitted greatly from Callie's tutelage but damn it she wanted better than just fine for her Hospital. She still found it incredible that she was losing Torres to a piece of....Miranda shook the thought away. It had been unprofessional when she'd spoken it out loud to Torres and it felt mean to think it now. She supposed Torres was in love and if so she wished her well. God knows the woman had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. Still it had come as a surprise. Not least because,well frankly, Blake didn't seem her type. Or maybe she was actually. Blake was a good Doctor, hardworking, somewhat lacking in confidence but so determined to be the best she could be. She had a quiet gentle demeanour but with a sense of humour. She reminded her a little of George O'Malley but only a little. Maybe that was Torres type. Maybe Robbins had been the aberration.

Of course thinking of Torres meant thinking of Robbins. Had Avery hit the nail on the head? Were they going to lose Robbins too? Would she really chase Torres cross country and find a position on the East Coast? Robbins was as ambitious as they came. She couldn't see her chasing...Bailey stopped herself again and shook her head. No Robbins wouldn't give up her career, put her career on hold for a woman.

Except ,Bailey realised,she had once before. For Torres. She had never really thought much about that before but the Carter Madison was as big as it got and Robbins had thrown it away.

For Torres.

There was such anger and bitterness now between her friends. It was hard to imagine it was the same couple whose marriage she had officiated one blissful May Day only a few years before. They had seemed odds on to be the couple that made it. That navigated life's sometimes rocky shores together. They'd already sailed through and survived several storms together.

Turns out they'd ended up shipwrecked anyway.

Would Robbins give up anything for Torres now? Hardly.
But for her daughter?
Anything was possible.

And after all outside of her career what did Seattle hold for her now? Loyalty to the Hospital? To the staff? to her friends here? Bailey squirmed uncomfortably. She'd called it wrong. She'd supported Callie in the custody hearing because well she'd asked first. Told her how Arizona was using lawyers to take her Daughter from her, how she needed her support, as a friend. How Webber was supporting Robbins and how she was terrified that she would lose her daughter.

Somehow Miranda Bailey hadn't figured out that in supporting one she was doing the opposite to the other. That if she helped her friend to win it meant she was helping to ensure her other friend lost. She couldn't imagine what it would have been like for her if she had lost little Tuck to his father and his new wife. It simply never occurred to her that was exactly what Arizona was facing.

Somehow Miranda Bailey found herself wishing she had the emotional intelligence and foresight of Alex Karev. Finishing a distant second to Alex Karev on a question of moral judgement was a very uncomfortable place. Alex, of all people, figured out that being Switzerland was the honourable option in this impossible situation.

It was little consolation that she suspected, in some way, her testimony hadn't entirely helped Callie. As a high achieving career woman and mother, just as both Torres and Robbins were,she never expected the line of questioning about Robbins work schedule. It had appalled her. Callie's demeanour during it appalled her more. She hadn't been able to hide her distaste, not from the lawyer, the Judge or Torres. When she'd called her upon it afterwards Callie had shrugged her shoulders and said, "So? She started this. I would do whatever it takes to keep my child. She brought me to Court."

Miranda knew that Robbins would need support now just as she knew accepting help and support was not something that came easily to her friend. And she was her friend even if Robbins didn't believe that right now. From a practical point of view the only help she could give would be in scheduling as many free weekends as possible if Robbins needed them for visits to New York. But what would that give her? One jet lagged day with her daughter sandwiched between two fear filled flights.

. She knew that Robbins had been approached by John Hopkins in Baltimore and Children's in Boston in the recent past. and that was when she had no incentive to leave Seattle.

Yes, to answer her own question, Avery might well be right.

"Chief!, Chief Bailey! There's been an..." An out of breath Jo Wilson burst in, "...an accident. Or, or an incident."


It's Robbins, she's ...." Wilson stopped, "...she's hurt...it ....Torres....it looks bad..."


"Shepherd ,Grey and Kepner are taking her to surgery now."


Blake was the first to arrive, she'd only been a few feet away when 'it' happened.

She'd just managed to get Callie to release her hold on Arizona when Karev and Kepner sprinted to the scene. They had been discussing the case Arizona had been working on all night or rather the legal wrangling that was likely to engulf the situation.

"I hate this stuff, Ethics Committees and Lawyers. Especially Lawyers. The only good Lawyer is a Dead lawyer." Alex gruffly said.

"Alex! Anyway thats too easy", April replied, "blaming the lawyers. they're just doing their job. Acting on instructions."

"Vultures. Making a living out of other people's misery."

"No, they're like us a lot. Surgeons get blamed when the patient dies. Sometimes it is our fault, at least a little. But mostly it's because the cancer was too far advanced or the injuries sustained too much. But we deliver the bad news, they put their loved ones in our care and we have nothing to say except 'We tried.' The lawyers get involved because the people themselves have messed up, they're no more to blame for going to Court than we are for going into Theatre. People like to blame the lawyers because its easier than blaming themselves."

"Are we still talking about the dead Mother and her living foetuses or...."

April shrugged, "Jackson and me....we've agreed to keep the Lawyers out of it. We've agreed not to fight."

"Sometimes you've got no choice." Alex said, "Sometimes Poland gets invaded and you've got to declare War. Sometimes refusing to fight, being neutral is cowardly." Now that the battle was done he wondered if he'd been right. Torres was his friend but so was Robbins. And Robbins had lost and maybe if he'd done something, said something...

They heard the scream just as they turned the corner.


Kepner took control. She was the trauma specialist after all. She barked out orders to passing interns, residents, keeping Arizona steady, stabilising her, talking to her even if she wasn't entirely sure she was capable of hearing. Callie sat there rendered seemingly mute, watching on helplessly as her friends worked on her ex- wife. Mute that was until as Kepner and Karev lifted Arizona onto a back board and Arizona moaned weakly.

"You're hurting her, please don't hurt her." Callie pleaded sounding nothing like a surgeon and every bit the helpless onlooker.

April was about to explain, in some exasperation, exactly what was happening but stopped herself on catching a glimpse at the devastated brunettes face. She looked distraught and traumatised. She'd seen that look too many times out in the field. The relatives, the families. Shock and awe. Right now Callie was family. April frowned at the thought, or at least Callie seemed to think she was.

Amelia Shepherd was pulled out of a perfectly nice surgery to deal with an emergency. When she saw who her patient was she asked no questions, put out of her mind that Arizona was a friend and went into full Surgeon mode. It was clear that there had been a fall and certainly bones might be broken, other internal injuries might manifest but it was obvious that stabilising the head injury was priority. Kepner had stabilised her neck and spine though thankfully there did not appear to be any vertebrae or cord injury at first glance. She would always say that every patient got the same treatment. but still Robbins was one of their own, part of the Hospital family. She wanted the best of her colleagues around her in Theatre.

" Kepner, I need an assist, you okay with this or will I page Hunt?" Hunt had trained Kepner so despite her relationship with Owen she was happy with either. Still Kepner and Robbins were, mostly, best buds and that allied to Kepners condition meant Amelia was happy to give her an out.

It was barely a pause but Shepherd picked up on it. "Page Hunt, stat!"

"No! I'm in. I'm as good as this Hospital has and I'm her friend. She hasn't had all that many friends show up of late." April couldn't help but stare at Callie who still seemed in a trance, the barb seemingly not comprehended."She needs a friend in there, someone who won't give up on her."

Amelia refrained from pointing out that "giving up" on her patients wasn't exactly in her repertoire either. " Fine, page Grey, Webber and Bailey who ever turns up first scrubs in. We need to get to surgery,stat!"


It had been a long shift for Dr. Jo Wilson and she was ready to go home. As she walked out of the elevator and into the Main Entrance Lobby she walked into a commotion. Dozens of people, staff, patients and visitors huddled in small groups whispering, all looking upwards.

"What's up? " She asked a bunch of the new interns she just about recognised. "Uhm....ah...well..."

Wilson sighed. The new intake were surely the dimmest yet.

"I saw it all, it was like in the movies,like it happened in slow motion" the man who spoke was elderly, grey haired at the sides, balding in the middle. He was wearing grey and navy pyjamas and was pushing a wheeled holder which held up a bag of saline solution. He seemed excited, as if all his Christmases had come at once.

"Yeah?" Jo asked.

"She pushed her. Murder One for certain. I mean if the Blonde is dead. Otherwise just attempted murder, I guess."

"What?" The man might have escaped from Psych for all she knew.

The man looked at her as if she might be slow and began to explain again, "this one Doctor, the brunette, good looking, pushed this other Doctor, the Blonde, seemed pretty,down the stairs. "

"What!" She looked up and caught her boyfriends eye through the crowd of people now seemingly working on the victim on the stairs.

"Jo! find the Chief, her pager is off, try the Boardroom. Tell her it's Robbins."


As Arizona had been rushed away on a gurney Karev had asked "what the hell happened?" Blake opened her mouth to speak, then closed it. She'd seen what happened, seen all of it, heard all of it. And there was much to process. There would be time enough later to speak out or to stay silent. Right now nothing she could say would be of assistance to Robbins. Robbins was about to under go emergency life saving surgery. But what she said right now would make a difference to Callie. To Callie's future and her own. And even as Callie's words spoken in anger to Arizona but no less truthful for that ran on a loop in her brain "you ruined love for me, I will never love anyone the way I loved you." right now though she loved Callie and she was going to protect her.

"I need to get you cleaned up" she nudged Callie gently. Callie looked up as if seeing her there for the first time. "Penny?"

She smiled back, "Callie,you need to get you cleaned up". She stood up, her hand outstretched to help her girlfriend up but Karev asked again.

"What happened? How did Robbins end up falling? One of you must have seen something, did she collapse? Should they be looking at an aneurysm or did she trip? What the hell happened?"

"I...we..." Callie stuttered, "...I tried to catch her,but she just started to fall...I don't know what happened we were talking and...she just started to fall and..." Callie started to cry,"...she's going to be okay,right? Arizona is...she's the....she has to be okay."

Penny stared at her girlfriend, a little stunned. Was Callie lying to Karev or was she truly not remembering? Was the shock of the entire incident so great that she had no recollection of pushing the woman twice, maybe even thrice before the final shove that propelled her backwards down the stairs? One way or the other she needed to get Callie out of here and away from the milling crowds below and above.

"C'mon sweetie, we need to get you cleaned up?" Penny nodded at Callie's hands and scrubs, both stained red. Callie stared at her hands comprehension dawning but slowly. "Blood?" She looked quizzically at both of them before adding, "Oh God,that's, that's Arizona's blood. That's my Arizona's blood"

Karev had had his fill of crazy females to last a lifetime and Torres sure was exhibiting signs, "I'm going to go up to OR1 for an update. Bring her to the Attending's Lounge and get her cleaned up" and with that he was gone.


Meredith Grey had just paid for her Skinny double shot Cappuccino and a cinnamon Muffin when the page came. Both were binned. A 911 page to OR1 had her scampering. She'd scrubbed in before she learned the identity of her patient.

The three surgeons had frequently worked together, usually chatting effortlessly. This time there was little conversation other than what was absolutely necessary as they each worked assessing all injuries and prioritising.

"3 fractured ribs"

"Dislocated scapula"

"Lacerations to left thigh, seemingly caused by the prosthetic as she fell"

"Laceration to spleen and liver, relatively minor"

There was really only the injuries to her face and skull that was of major concern but that was enough to be life threatening. An obvious Subdural Haemotoma required immediate attention and Amelia had already started on the craniotomy.

"You got this?" Kepner asked Amelia, "...it's Arizona....you have to..." Kepner was composed but nonetheless emotional, "...she's my friend and..."

Meredith soothed "She's all of our friend, we all..."

"Huh!" Kepner shook her head. She bowed her head again, re- concentrating on the repair of the splenic laceration.

" What's that supposed to mean?" Meredith questioned as she assisted Amelia, "Suction."

" You testified, Arizona lost her daughter, you do the math."

"That's not fair, Callie was just..."

" Sure, cause it's fair to lose your child, right?" April retorted.

"Ladies! I've got a piece of Arizona's skull sitting in a dish over there, a piece I'd like to put back as soon as possible. Which will only happen if I can find all bleeders." Amelia's tone left no room for doubt. "If I don't then your argument as to who is her best friend will be somewhat academic. So, please, either leave and take it to the playground, and send Hunt and Bailey in or play nice and let's save her life."


Bailey and Wilson made it to the OR floor the same time as Alex. Bailey, with mask over mouth, entered OR1 with trepidation. She'd done this too often. Watched friends,colleagues and family fight for their lives too many times. It had never before been Robbins even though, during the anxious wait for news of the plane and ( any) survivors made it felt as if it had been. By the time she'd heard of Robbins relapse all those years ago, she'd been saved. At the expense of a leg. As it turned out at the expense of far more than a gangrenous limb.

Now Robbins had somehow fallen down the stairs and her life was hanging by the thread, in the hands of a talented neurosurgeon. Wilson had spouted some secondhand gossip about Torres but that could not be true. Callie had her faults and god knows things were at an all time low between the two former wives but still. No. Just no. The Callie Torres she knew would never physically hurt anyone. She'd told Wilson to shut her mouth and repeat what she'd heard to no-one. Absolutely no-one.

"Alex, I'm just telling you what the man said. Don't shoot the messenger!"

"He said Torres threw Robbins down the stairs?" He was incredulous and pissed that his on/ off again girlfriend would repeat such crap.

"He said the attractive Brunette Doctor."

" Well maybe he meant Blake or..."

"Oh please, Penny's a flame haired ginger, her hair can be seen from space, she's no brunette. Besides Penny wouldn't push a feather down the stairs."

Bailey emerged with some positive news. Robbins was alive and Amelia was hopeful. Then again sometimes neurosurgeons were over hopeful, sometimes neurosurgeons had egos so large that they thought they were God, with power over life and death. But Grey and Kepner had not demurred. So for now she was going with Robbins would live, right now that was all she had.

"Did Torres do this?"

"Alex!" Bailey and Wilson said in unison for different reasons.

Wilson shrugged sheepishly, " If I heard this so did half the staff. I heard one nurse say the Cops were on their way."

A hospital shooting, electrocutions, a plane crash to name but some. But never in her time had a staff member been accused of an intentional act of violence of this nature and certainly not to another stuff member. And these were no ordinary Staff members, these were Doctors, Chiefs, Board members. These were two of her most trusted friends.

"I'm going to find Torres. Don't breathe a word of this to anyone... " Bailey turned away, then turning back added to Wilson "... to anyone else."


"I need to be there, I need to know if she...." Callie was trying very hard not to breakdown completely. On one level she knew it wasn't fair to Penny but on the other hand what the hell did that matter when her wife, her Arizona, the mother of her child might die? What did Penny Blake's feelings matter if Arizona Robbins was lying lifeless on a gurney? What did anything or anyone matter right now except Arizona?

"Callie you can't go up there. You're not her...."

" I'm not her what? " she asked angrily. Penny didn't understand, how could she? She hadn't been here, hadn't seen them, hadn't known them. "I'm not her wife? you think I don't know that. I should....I need to be there...she would want me there..she would..."

"No, Callie!" Blake shouted back, trying to get the woman to see. She saw stuff now. Saw that her girlfriend still had a depth of feeling for the woman who had once been her wife. Feelings that had been hidden before, buried even but were now on the surface. Was it love or... It didn't matter right now. It didn't matter that whatever those feeling were they would most likely sweep away whatever feeling, emotions Callie had for her. That there still new, still young relationship would be no match for this latest tsunami that was about to hit. A tsunami that Callie had no knowledge of.

Hell, tsunami wasn't the right word for what Callie might shortly be facing. Arizona living, Arizona dying. It would make no difference. Callie Torres was about to face a shitstorm of epic proportions. One involving the Police and she seemed in total denial.

"Im sorry, sorry, I know this isn't fair but I...Arizona ..I loved her for so long, so much...I just....look we are going to New York together, but I can't go until I know that she'll be...I still..."

"Callie, stop! That's not important now, ok? Can you remember how Arizona fell?"

"I...no...I told you...she just..."

" Callie, listen..." Penny's voice was low and soothing, "... this is really important, I think you need to get an Attorney, ok?"

" Why on earth would I need an attorney? What I need..." She was getting agitated at Penny now, "...is to find out how Arizona is, what I need is to get up to OR1 and..."

Penny took a deep breath, she was certain now that Callie didn't remember, that this was no act. And Callie needed to know so that she could protect herself. There was no time to waste, no time to break it gently. Penny knew now her next words were going to devastate her girlfriend. Were going to change everything.

"Callie, my gorgeous Callie...." She took another deep breath, "... I saw what happened."

"I don't...what do you....saw what...?"

"Just before she fell, you and Arizona were..." she paused, "...arguing loudly."

"What? So? Me and Arizona have done nothing but for months now, I don't understand how this..."

"It seemed very heated, angry, you were angry, she was angry, you pushed her and..."

"No! What are you saying? Why would you...?" Callie shook her head but Penny could see the change. Could see the truth slowly and horribly dawning.

" She stumbled, you pushed again, she resisted...but then ...she was close to the stairs. I don't think either of you realized how close. I know it wasn't deliberate, I know you didn't..."

"Oh my God." Callie said , "I...I pushed her, I pushed Arizona down the stairs. And now she's..." She fell into silence, struck dumb by the awful truth. Eyes wide open, mouth wide open, head in hands. Like an Edvard Münch painting brought to life.

Her silent scream reverberating around the room.

Engulfing them both.

Calzona: The ( Not a ) Fairytale 2/?

Title: Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale.

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Callie, Arizona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arizona lost. And it's a few weeks later. And in a few days Callie will be moving to NewYork with Sofia for their new life. And Arizona will find a way to keep breathing. At least that's the plan. 

A/N: I'd like to apologize in advance...
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

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"Stop!" Callie had just about caught up to her, on the walk way over the large Public Atrium near the entrance of the Hospital. For a woman with a prosthetic Arizona sure could move fast when needed.

"What Callie? What could you possibly want from me now."

Righteous anger filled her now. The past few weeks, with just her and Sofia, she had de-compartmentalised beautifully. Concentrating on the moment, the precious moments with her gorgeous daughter. Revelling in her infectious laughter, her sunny carefree disposition. She didn't know pain or grief or betrayal. She wished she could protect her from all of that, forever. She knew she couldn't but she'd always thought she'd have more time. That she wouldn't start to lose her little girl just yet.

She thought she'd lose her to adolescence, that the day would come when she'd say, "Mama, don't kiss me in the schoolyard, I'm a big girl now. It's sooo Embarrassing." She thought she'd lose her to some spotty faced undeserving boy who played football or, even worse, the guitar. When she was in Middle school or if she was lucky Junior High. Arizona had never once dreamed she'd lose her because Callie would take her away.

It was the last unbroken promise. All their other promises lay shattered on the road behind them, the road that brought them here. They'd broken every single one. And yet despite that Arizona hadn't seen this coming.

When Callie left she'd thrown herself into her new fellowship. She hadn't fought to save her marriage. She had no fight left in her, so every ounce of energy went jointly into her fellowship and her daughter. It had made the fellowship easier in some ways. She could concentrate without distraction on it when Sofia was with Callie and on her days and weekends Sofia got her full undivided attention. There wasn't a moment in the day to think of what she had lost, of who she had lost, of why she had lost her.

And she still had Sofia, the gorgeous little girl she used to consider her mini-Callie. She didn't think of her in that way anymore. She couldn't. To do so would be to suggest that she still had part of Callie and she knew that wasn't true. Callie was gone. All of her. She had left because she wanted to be free. She had left because she was feeling suffocated by her and her neediness and her failings. And when the woman you needed told you she felt suffocated you couldn't fight that.

Arizona was a pragmatist and a realist and yet she somehow had always managed with all of that to be an optimist. To see the joy. To believe in the impossible. And when she'd met Calliope Torres every cell in her body rejoiced. Theirs had not always been a smooth path but Arizona had always loved her, adored her, worshipped her.

She had sacrificed for her. She had bent. And had never regretted it. The day they married was the happiest of her life. The 412 days after it were her halcyon days. On the 413th day she boarded a small plane.

And her world crashed to earth.

Looking back she didn't understand it. The others had experienced the same horrors but they didn't come back changed. Meredith heard wild animals ravage her dead sisters body but came back still capable of love, of living. Yang's breakdown had been severe but short-lived.

Why her? Why had she been the one to fail? Arizona was not a woman used to failure. And yet she had failed in the most miserable of ways. And all after she had fought so hard to survive on that wooded mountain. It would have been easier to have shut her eyes and succumb slowly to the darkness. But then she'd see those brown eyes. Callie's. And it seemed those eyes suffused her in warmth on that cold mountain. And she imagined what Callie was doing at that exact moment. How she was feeling. Did she think they were all already dead? What kind of pain and turmoil she would be in. And she knew she couldn't succumb to the darkness, not when she had her beloved waiting for her.

And Sofia. That most incredible miraculous little girl. Her little girl. Theirs. No, she could not succumb to the darkness and leave her beautiful girls behind.

Yet in the end, just when the danger and the horror had passed, that's exactly what she did.

Sometimes she hated Callie for not loving her enough to stick with her, other times she wondered why she stayed as long as she did.

She knew she came back different but she knew also that Callie had changed too after the Plane Crash. The unconditional, unchanging love she thought she could depend on from Callie wasn't there. Sometimes it seemed Callie stayed only because of the promises made, sacred vows,in sickness and in health. For better for worse.

As things got better they seemed to get worse. Losing the baby seemed to be one loss too many. A loss she believed she experienced alone.

Nothing justified her actions. Not with Lauren Boswell. Not with Leah Murphy. She would always shoulder the Lion's share for that. Especially Boswell. It was unforgivable. She wouldn't have been able to forgive if Callie had shared her body with someone else. The breaking of that vow surely cancelled out any other broken promise.

Yet for awhile it seemed that Callie had forgiven. She certainly seemed to try but the trust was gone, the tiny fragile threads of their marriage were too weak to withstand much more and they finally broke apart.

Time healed the pain of that final break. She hadn't seen that coming either. Therapy had been brutal, the yelling, the recriminations against past deeds Arizona thought they'd left far behind them. Africa loomed large during therapy, accusations of being abandoned for a grant, of being cast aside for a career were flung about. Now there was an irony if one was looking for one. But at the end of their 30 day separation she had hope.She'd walked in to the therapists office full of hope,like a dead man walking who just didn't know it.

Throughout the aftermath things had been civilised. It had hurt, how little Callie seemed to care, how easy it had been for her to discard them, their history. For a little while she had clung to hope. That Callie would change her mind. That after she'd tasted freedom she'd realise it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Long after it was rational to hope, after weeks turned into months and months turned into seasons and seasons into years a tiny vestige of hope remained. It was unspoken, not even to herself.

Then Callie met someone. Callie met her perfect Penny.

And the realist in her put her hopes away and started to plan for a future. She didn't want to meet someone like Callie. There could be no one to replace Calliope Torres in her heart but she could replace her in her bed. Maybe one day she could replace her in her life.

She'd had the great love. Callie had been it for her but she could have someone or more likely maybe a series of someone's. She liked women. She liked women a lot. Always had. So she restarted her life.

She'd had no choice.

But Sofia was her great joy. And Sofia was hers. And Sofia was theirs. The last evidence of what they'd once had. Of what they'd once been. And now Sofia was leaving. Sofia was being taken away. And she was losing her. Would lose her. It was inevitable.

And Sofia was not replaceable.

The trip away was magical. They'd gone to the Magic Kingdom. Seen Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Sofia had held her hand in the Haunted House and whispered "Don't be scared, Mama, I'm here." Her daughter had her Mommy's heart. They'd eaten too much ice cream and gotten brain freeze and gone to McDonalds and eaten junk food that Sofia never was normally allowed by either Mother.

They built sandcastles on the beach and splashed each other in the sea. Sofia got to choose where they went and what they did. She laughed until she lost her breath, made Arizona laugh till she cried at her antics. And Arizona pushed the Judge's verdict out of her mind until the second last day when Sofia innocently asked her what her house in New York would look like. Would there be a yard, would Dr de Luca be there too? Could she have a doggie in Arizona's house in New York.

She didn't understand at first. That Arizona wouldn't have a house there. That when she came to visit she would be staying in a Hotel. When Sofia said "Even at the weekends too?" it became clear that Sofia didn't understand. Didn't understand that things were going to be different now. That New York was very far away from Seattle. That Arizona wouldn't be visiting whenever she wanted just whenever she could. That mid week sleepovers were a thing of the past, that every second weekend would become every third month for two or three nights. That she couldn't just say she wanted to see Mama and her Mama would be there. Except on Skype.

And Sofia got upset. And Sofia got angry. And Sofia asked why.

And how could she tell a six year old who adored both her mothers that it was because her Momma was a selfish bitch and her Mama had been a cheating whore and that sometimes the cosmos played massive cruel jokes on good people. How could she tell her little girl who believed in goodness and rainbows and fairytales and joy and love and smiles and laughter that life was cruel and horrible and love was an illusion. How could she tell their little Princess that her mothers had messed up and she was to be collateral damage.

So she didn't. She lied. She told Sofia she would see her more often than she knew to be possible. She told Sofia that nothing would change, not really. She told Sofia that she would love New York. She told Sofia that skypeing would be just like they were in the same room. She told Sofia that she wouldn't miss her because she'd be having so much fun with her Mommy and Penny. That was the one that hurt the most. That was the only one that didn't feel like a lie.

And she assured her that Mama loved her and when Sofia asked her why she couldn't stay in Seattle with her she told her it was because her Mommy would miss her too much. So Sofia asked her if she would miss her too much too. And that's when she had no more answers.

And Sofia had cried a little and then stopped and had gone very very quiet. Way too quiet for a little girl who Sometimes seemed to wake up in mid sentence and was often seen talking in her sleep.

And this was Callie's doing. This was all on Callie. It wasn't enough that she was hurting her. This time she was hurting their perfect little girl. And that was unforgivable. And for what? A "perfect" Penny. A dime a dozen Penny.

In the courtroom she'd been devastated even as the Judge had uttered the words she'd expected to hear since the beginning though she'd hope it would be otherwise.

"I see two loving mothers here, Sofia Torres is a lucky child in so many ways. Both mothers can financially support Sofia, both are excellent mothers, excellent people if the multiple character references are to be believed. It is always regrettable however when parents sit in my court awaiting my decision. A sign that somehow, somewhere along the line the shared respect and communication it takes to raise a child after a breakup has ceased to exist. I am grateful to both of you for the way you have conducted yourselves in my Court. Notwithstanding that harsh things were said and suggested, both of you in your individual testimonies accepted that the other is a good mother. I hope that may indicate that sufficient respect remains between you that it may be used as foundation for you both to rebuild a co-parenting relationship in the future. I have to make a decision here and my decision in no way should be taken to indicate that one mother is somehow less than the other. My decision is all the more difficult for that. I have to decide between two equals.

The Judge's words were kind but her decision fated Arizona to being a visitor in her daughter's life. And a visitor was not a mother. Penny Blake would be more of a mother than Arizona would be now. She would be the one listening to her chatter about school. About how little Johnny or Juan or Sean was her bestest friend who was a boy. How Zola was her bestest friend who was a girl. How there shouldn't be so many words in the world cause it meant she had to learn how to spell all of them even the ones in Spanish. How she wanted to be a Doctor when she got all grown up just like Mama and Mami and her Daddy but was it ok if as well as being a Doctor she was a ballerina too? And worked in an ice cream shop too cause she really really loved ice cream!

And would Penny teach her how to throw a punch if the boys picked on her at her new school? And would Penny explain that knowing how to throw a punch didnt mean she had to throw one every time? Would Penny or Callie teach Sofia how to be "a good man in a storm?" How could they teach her daughter what it meant to be a Robbins? Would Sofia even be a Robbins anymore? After a few months would she even want to be?

After a few months Sofia would still be Sofia but would she still be Mama?

But Arizona was a realist and she knew that in two days she would be watching her daughter walk away from her in the Airport. And she would be there because she had promised Sofia that she would see her off. See her off on the start of a big adventure.
And she would smile and laugh through the pain of this latest loss. Because she was a Mom and that's what you do.

And she would hide her emotions from Sofia because she had to for Sofia's sake. But she didn't have to hide her true feelings from Callie anymore. The days where she hid her pain and anger and resentment deep down to protect Callie were gone. There was no need or desire to protect Callie anymore. She doubted it was possible to hide her anger anyway.

Not this anger. Not this pain. Not this time.

"What Callie? What could you possibly want from me now.You have everything you could possibly take from me already. There is nothing left."

Callie ignored the anger, her own cancelled it out anyway. "You know damn well what! You spent the last two weeks poisoning my daughter against New York! And after I allowed you to take her on holidays, after I felt sorry for you and..."

"Our daughter, Callie! OURS!" The entrance foyer and Atrium had stunning acoustics. So much so that The Seattle State Choir had performed there more than once. It did however mean that sometimes loud conversations carried far and wide and this was one of those times.

Heads on the ground floor looked up to hear the source. On the floor above, near the stairs, two females, Doctors if the scrubs were anything to go by, one Blonde, one Brunette, having a very angry discussion.

Arizona took it down several notches. Her anger didn't cancel out the fact that she was a private person, not normally given to airing her dirty laundry in public.

"Our daughter. And I'm entitled to take her on holidays. According to the Judge. So you didn't allow me out of the kindness of your heart. And unlike you I would never do anything to hurt Sofia so quite frankly, Doctor Torres I no longer give a damn what you think I did or didn't do."

"She was excited about New York and moving in with Penny and now she's ...

"She was excited because you neglected to mention one tiny detail. That her Mama was going to be thousands of miles away."

Callie huffed "I said you could visit anytime, or during holidays or.."

But Arizona wasn't listening. She was done listening to her. To the stranger stood before her who bore a remarkable physical resemblance to her ex-wife. But Arizona had known her ex, known her in a way that only love and intimacy and time brings. This woman? Arizona did not know this woman. She was a stranger. She turned on her right heel and walked away

"I'm talking to you... Don't you dare walk away from me!"

Arizona turned back, too quickly, needing to grab the recessed handrail of the balcony to steady herself. Her voice was lower than Callie's, not audible to those below, but to the others walking along past the pair she could be heard clearly. The venom in her response plain too, "Oh, please! You are the Queen of walking away, you're the one who runs, who bails. Throughout our entire relationship you ran. And now you're running all the way cross country." Arizona shook her head, before adding,disdainfully, "I wonder where you'll run to when you suddenly decide your Perfect Penny isn't so perfect?"

"Leave her out of this!"


It was her last day at Grey Sloan Memorial. Tomorrow she would pack up the last of her things and the next day fly to New York.

With her girlfriend.
And her girlfriend's daughter.

And when she said that out loud, like she did a few minutes ago in an empty locker room , well it terrified her. Just a fraction but still. Terrifying.
And exciting. And adventurous. And new. And terrifying.

A year ago she'd been brave, braver than normal for her. A new city, new hospital.A new beginning. Penny Blake didn't have things fall into her lap. Penny Blake was not a woman for whom things came easy. Everything she had she'd got by hard hard work. Including her self belief. She wasn't that person. She wasn't extraordinarily gifted, either physically or academically. She wasn't extraordinarily brave or creative. She wasn't the most outgoing, was never voted most likely to succeed anymore than she was voted most likely to end up doing 10 to 20 in prison. The most extraordinary thing about her, an ex who had broken up with her because they "made better friends than lovers" once said, was her ordinariness.

She was a nice person.A good person. In the right company she could be funny. If she wore her hair down in a loose casual way, with a little makeup, she could be quite pretty. Mostly she wore it up, tied back, taut. It made her look serious, look older than she was. That gave her confidence, at work.

She never expected to meet someone like Callie. Not falling for Callie was never an option. Callie Torres was the stuff of dreams. Gorgeous, confident,brilliant. The shy insecure teenager she once was still lurked inside her though and sometimes she wondered what Callie saw in her. She couldn't quite believe it still, that Callie was hers. It wasn't so long ago that she told Callie she loved her but she could have told her months earlier. And when Callie finally said it back. Wow, just wow.

Of course she'd heard the stories. Of Callie and her ex. 'The golden couple' she overheard a gaggle of gossiping nurses describe them once. And then there was Arizona herself. To say she felt inadequate compared to her was not a sign of insecurity more a statement of fact. The woman was brilliant. The way she operated in miniature was awe inspiring. The way she was pushing the boundaries of Fetal surgery was ground breaking. And of course she was gorgeous. And sweet even if steely at times.

If she hadn't been her girlfriends ex, if Callie wasn't her girlfriend, then she just knew she would have a crush on her. Mind you if every person in the Hospital who crushed on Dr. Robbins stood in line, well the line would go all the way to the Emerald Bar and back.

But Callie was hers now and they were going to New York. A year ago when she came to Seattle she did so so that she could become the best Doctor she could be. As a Doctor she knew she would lose many patients and sometimes it would be down to her. A bad call here, a missed sign there. But she never again wanted to lose a patient because she was not brave enough or good enough. There would be no more Derek Shepherds in her CV.

In applying for the Preminger she was putting her career above all else including her own heart. She knew Callie could not, would not, go and nor would she ask her. She had too many more important attachments here. And there fledgling relationship might not survive.

Yet Callie was going. She'd gone through a custody battle to do just that. Thankfully she had won but it hadn't been easy or pleasant. Some of Callie's lawyers were hellbent on destroying Robbins character. She supposed that was the norm. She didn't know but nonetheless some of it had been distasteful. Robbins had looked beyond devastated at the verdict yet not surprised. Like a woman who had become accustomed to loss.

She and Callie had left the Court room almost immediately. Callie had wanted to celebrate and they had, several times. Just as they left she'd caught a glimpse of the Blonde woman, head in hands, stock still.. Her lawyer patting her back in comfort. Winning was wonderful, she had decided, but winning at someone else's expense, not so great.

She'd just completed her last morning round and was walking in the direction of the Boardroom in the hope of bumping into Callie for a coffee or something. She heard them before she even saw them.


"Leave Penny out of this! Its not about her, This is between me and you."

"She is taking my place, replacing me! So NO! I'm damned if I'm leaving her out of this."

"I knew it, that's what it's been all along, you're jealous..." Callie practically hissed at her, "... The custody hearing, everything, you can't handle that I've moved on and you're ..."

Arizona took two steps forward so she was practically in Callie's face, "You think I'm jealous of Blake?" The laugh that accompanied her words was bitter and disbelieving. "Of all the things I might feel for her that is not one of them! Anger? Yes! I am so angry that she will be playing Mommy with my daughter while I'm 3000 miles away. Distrust? Yes! because I don't know her and a stranger I don't know will be raising my little girl, and that terrifies me but jealousy? No. If anything I pity her."


"You love her. You are so in love with her. She's the one. The one you choose to spend your life with, right?" Every syllable dripped with sarcasm. "But what happens when she's no longer making you happy? When she's no longer perfect? When you're not happy?"

Callie shook her head, "What are you..." But Arizona was on a roll now. If this was the last time they ever spoke in any meaningful way then she was going to say her mind. She was not going to be silenced this last time.

"Maybe it will be because you realise your career is in the toilet. Working for a second rate boss in a second rate Hospital. Maybe it will be because Sofia resents you for uprooting her from her life. Maybe it will be because its just too stifling living in a small two bed apartment in the middle of New York. Whatever the reason you'll blame Penny because you sure as hell won' t blame Callie, will you? Yeah I should feel sorry for her because the moment it gets hard it will be all her fault. Suddenly Perfect Penny won't be so perfect and Poor Callie..."

"Stop! I love Penny."

"You don't know the meaning of the word."

Callie pushed her away, Arizona stumbling slightly, "How dare you say that to me?"

Arizona clenched her jaw, "You never loved me."

There it was. The truth. Even after they'd ended, after she tried to make sense of Callie walking away, she always clung to the belief that Calliope had loved her. That she was to blame, her infidelity, her despair and anger after the amputation, her need to have something for her, something good that was just hers. All these things chipped away at Callie's love until the love that was left just wasn't enough. But now she knew the truth. The love she had for her wife did not compare to what Callie felt for her. Callies 'love' wasn't love. Not ever. She'd been right all those years ago. Callie loved being "in love" but that was it.

" How can you..."

"It's true. You love the idea of it but you have no idea what real love is. I loved you so much but you never..."

"Stop saying that!" she pushed her again. This time Arizona stood her ground. "You're the one who..."

"I know what I did. I know everything I did. Do you know what you did? I know who is to blame, Callie. Do you?" Arizona fell silent then, a shake of her head indicating she had nothing left to say. Nothing left to give. She turned away only to be pulled around roughly by the shoulder by Callie.

" I loved you with everything I had, you ruined everything, you ruined me. You ruined love for me, Arizona! I will never love anyone the way I loved you, you made it too hard, impossible, you..."

"You walked away.You ran. That's not love. If you loved me you wouldn't have..."

Callie pushed her again, this time with more force; two hands on her shoulders. Arizona stumbled again just about managing to right herself.

"Stop saying that! I loved..."

"No. You didn't, you couldn't have and then do this."

Something snapped in her at that moment. That's what a Counsellor told her after. That her actions in the next ten seconds were not deliberate, not the result of a decision to hurt, to injure, to... The police had a different version. They said she was fully in charge of her actions,that she wasn't rendered legally insane or incapable. Even if she expressed regret, felt deep remorse that was not a defence. That did not take away her culpability.

"Stop saying that!" And she pushed her again, this time violently so and Arizona only just about managed to stay on her feet as she was pushed backwards. "Callie, stop."

"No! you stop! I loved you. You, just you." And she pushed once more with all her might.

Years later all Callie Torres had to do was close her eyes and she could conjure up the moment with perfect clarity.

Arizona stumbling, falling backwards. The changing looks on her face as realisation dawned. That she was falling backwards, that she had run out of space. Floor met empty space as floor met stairs. Shock, realisation, fear. Arizona's hand thrusting outwards to grab hold of her, of anything at all to prevent the inevitable fall. Her strangled 'Callieeee...' ending only when her head hit solid ground and silence replaced her scream. Her tumble down the steps broken by the feet of two men walking up,one a pyjamas clad patient.

Right now, however, in the moment, nothing was clear. Nothing was real. It was just a horrible blurry nightmare.

"Arizona! No, no no..." She clambered down the steps and ignoring everything she knew about traumas, quickly cradled Arizona in her arms. Blue eyes fluttered open, her mouth opened as if to speak, then her entire body went limp in Callie's arms.

"Arizona! No, no no..." she saw the red viscous liquid forming, beginning to pool on the step. "Help me..." Now she was the one screaming,"...please somebody help my Arizona, please."

Calzona: The (Not a ) Fairytale 1/?

Title: Calzona - The (Not a )Fairytale.

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Callie, Arizona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Arizona lost. And it's a few weeks later. And in a few days Callie will be moving to NewYork with Sofia for their new life. And Arizona will find a way to keep breathing. At least that's the plan. 

A/N: I can't summarise this story because honestly I don't know what this story is about myself. It's not a coherent fic. Started to write it very anti-Callie because having not watched the show since season 10 I watched the last few Calzona scenes in Trigger Happy and I just don't recognise Callie anymore. And that was before 12.22 But as I wrote I found myself searching for justifications for her actions and who she has become now but that's where it becomes incoherent. So this is a mess of a fic written in sadness. And then it took a turn, and then another. So the fic I started to write is still here but then Callie Torres mutinied and Arizona Robbins assisted her so it's now very very different.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

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"Ok, so, lets get started... we have a pretty full agenda for this Board meeting..."

Chief Bailey began in her usual no nonsense authoritarian tone, "...including finding a replacement Head of Ortho."

Callie Torres flashed a quick brilliant smile back. To some, who'd known her for a long time, it was a smile she'd been using more and more frequently. A smile that seemed fixed in casting plaster at her mouth. Fixed. Rigid. So fixed, so rigid, that it never seemed to move. Not to her eyes. Not anywhere.

To some, who'd known her for a long time, it was a little unnerving at times.

To some, who'd known her for a long time,it made them wonder if the person they knew still existed

Miranda Bailey smiled back, a quick short smile. At least she hoped it came out as such. Maybe a grimace would have been more honest. She was unexpectedly losing the Head of the most profitable Department in the Hospital. She had concerns as to whether she would soon lose a second Head, her Head of Fetal - Maternal Medicine. As Chief her only concern was the smooth and efficient running of her Hospital. As Dr. Miranda Bailey her only concern was that her Hospital be not just the best but the absolute best it could be. And those two Doctors were absolutely as good as it got in their specialities. As Miranda, the woman, the friend, well she had other concerns, but those concerns had no place here. In her Hospital. In the Board Room of her Hospital. A Hospital she shared, one way or the other, with everyone else in the Room.

"Uhm...shouldn't we wait for Robbins?" Richard Webber asked quietly. The only empty chair was beside his and it was conspicuously empty. He was worried, worried about, worried for the Blonde woman to whom in the past year he had grown so very close. Their friendship had taken him by surprise. His role as mentor to the interns and residents shouldn't have brought them into contact very much and while Doctor Robbins had been a Doctor he had always very much admired she had simply never given him any trouble. As Chief that's what you wanted. Your Doctors to be both brilliant and trouble free. And Robbins had been one of the best and he'd fought for her to come to his Hospital all those years ago. And she hadn't let him down.

She arrived half way through her fellowship, within a few months she'd been thrown in at the deep end as head of an ailing Department. She'd turned it around in a blindingly short period of time. People wanted to work with her, for her. Promising young Peds Surgeons from all round the country soon had Seattle Grace on their radar. She ran a tight ship. Her reputation as a teacher and surgeon matched only by her reputation as a tough but fair taskmaster.

She'd been here for the most tumultuous years their Hosptal had known. The merger and the redundancies when she'd fought, sometimes winning, sometimes not, for her people, her Interns, her Nurses, her Orderlies. The horror of the mass shooting. No doubt that had left scars but she and her then girlfriend had somehow come out of that stronger, better, together.

Torres was the one he knew better,then. Torres had arrived green and shy as a Baby intern. He'd alway been good at spotting talent and Torres, a confused mess on the outside, exuded talent in the OR. He'd always liked her. It was hard not to once you made any effort at all. She had such an open heart that embraced her patients, her colleagues, even the frazzled not very talented Barista at the Coffee cart. He still giggled at the memory of the day he most unexpectedly found her dancing scantily clad and with abandon in the Hospital basement. She was so much younger then. He supposed they all were. And life had marked them all in the intervening years.

And changed them too.

Torres, Robbins, Grey. Himself. All Board members. All scarred. All survivors.
Bailey, Karev, Avery. Kepner. They too bore scars.

"Is she back yet?" Meredith asked, "From L.A?" She looked around the table, eyes briefly landing on Callie before quickly moving on,"She and Sofia were going for two weeks, Disneyland and Universal Studios and... you know, before..." She didnt have to finish. Everyone around the table knew. One way or another they'd all been embroiled in the bitter custody battle that had ended as suddenly as it began. Even those who hadn't been asked to had taken sides. Everyone had an opinion. Everyone took sides even if they kept it to themselves.

Two colleagues and,to varying degrees, friends, of all of them. Two women whose relationship had played out in front of them. Some had been there from the glorious wondrous beginning. Others had watched the drama play out only from the middle of Act 2. Torres and Robbins,Robbins and Torres. Then finally Robbins v Torres. Like a Shakepearean comedy turned tragedy. Full of heroes and villains. Twists and turns. Superb drama. Drama and thrills.

And there had to be a loser and to the victor the spoils. And Torres won. And Robbins lost. And everyone in the room knew that Arizona had spent the last two weeks with her daughter, trying to give the little girl a trip of a lifetime. Trying to build up a store of memories that would tide her over when her little girl moved a 6 hour plane ride away, to a new life.

Tongues had been bitten when Callie mentioned 5 days ago at lunch that she was missing Sofia so very much. The irony seemingly lost on her. Even Blake squirmed uncomfortably when Callie mentioned how quiet the house was without Sofia giggling in the corner, sweetly admonishing her dolls for some minor infraction. How much she was looking forward to having her home again, that she'd never been apart from her for such an extended period before.

The irony hadnt been lost on her though. Callie knew. She understood. She understood that there was no such thing as outright victory. That even when you won, you lost. It was ying and yang. For there to be a victor, there had to be a loser. Nature demanded it.

But what if once upon a time, even if it was a long long time ago, you had shared your heart with the loser, if the loser had shared her heart with you. What then?
If you once promised to always protect her heart as if it was your own, then did the residue of all that not mean that you felt her loss too? That somehow her loss was also yours?

Deep down, Callie Torres had known from the very start exactly what she had been doing. She hadnt misinterpreted Arizonas advice on long term relationships. She hadnt heard permission to take their daughter away. What she had done was make a decision. For her. And she hadn't taken anyone else into account. She had done this not because she was self absorbed or oblivious. She had done this because she was done caring.

She wasnt exactly sure when it had begun. All she knew was that once upon a time she was the girl who cared too much. Cared too much about other people's opinion of her. Wanted too much to be loved. To receive from someone the same kind of love she so desperately wanted to bestow. She so desperately wanted to love and be in love and be loved in return. And finally, after mistakes and missteps too numerous to count, had come Arizona.

And she had felt it, almost from the start.
The love.
All the love.

Nothing before had compared.
And nothing since.
And nothing ever would.
Nor did she want it too.
As wondrous as the love was the pain of its loss outweighed it.

Arizona had said that to her once. That she could not take any more loss. Well, as it turned out, neither could she.

If it had been a fairytale then Callie knew she would be the good Princess whose heart had been turned to ice. By the wicked witch. Except theirs was no fairytale and Arizona was no witch. Her beautiful ex was just a woman who had suffered one loss too many. And in her own pain and confusion she had lashed out and made horrible painful mistakes. Mistakes that had, in turn, caused a tsunami of pain and confusion.

She had tried, they both had. Maybe it was simply that they were never quite trying at the same time. Maybe they had both been so hurt, so afraid of losing more that they had not truly voiced those fears to each other. Or Maybe they had been doomed from the start.

If it wasnt a fairytale, and it most certainly had turned out not to be, then maybe they had been fated to fail. Or maybe there was no such thing as fate, or maybe you made your own fate and they both sucked at that.

Or maybe it was just life.
And life sucked.

She thought it started in therapy. When the pain got too much she started to shut down her heart. An unconscious decision not to be walked away from again that turned into a conscious decision to be the one to walk away.

And she knew, had known that day in therapy that she was crushing Arizona. Known on some level at least. Known that Arizona wanted to stay, to try, to keep trying.
But she had made that decision, she had been the one to sever them.

The irony had not been lost on her then any more than now. All the unfair blame and anger for the severing off of a gangrenous leg against Arizonas express wishes had led, indirectly, to her severing their marriage despite Arizona's tearful pleas.

The leg had been killing her wife. She had justified her actions to herself by telling herself that their marriage had slowly been killing both of them. A slow asphyxiation.

And she couldn't let herself think otherwise. Not then, not now. She couldn't let herself imagine a different outcome ever because if she did she wasn't sure what her conclusion would be.

So she told herself she had made the right decision. The only decision, the only rational one. And rationality left no room for doubt or emotions. Of any kind. Arizona wasnt allowed to feel jealous if she dated new people. Rationally they were both free. Rationality demanded that the marriage was over, it was the past and all that was left was the future. So she pushed for a quick divorce, a quick resolution of custody and access and finances and their dream house.

And she got angry at Arizona when she didnt move on fast enough, even though she knew deep down that she didnt want to see her with someone new. And those times when she knew Arizona needed her, like when a small plane crash brought back so many of her own memories that she just knew Arizona must be in total tumult, she stayed away. She had to if she was to survive her own decision. And it was easy to rationally convince herself she had been right.

Arizona hadn't fought her on the divorce, it had all played out almost amicably. People even congratulated them on how well they handled it all. She continued to be in touch with the Colonel and Barbara and when Carlos came to town he and Arizona had shared a coffee once or twice. Arizona's career had flourished, she was an incredible surgeon who had begun to fulfil her immense potential again. Her own career too had gone from strength to strength, her work with the Warriors Project an added string to her bow.

And it was easy for a while. To let rationality dominate. To tell herself the marriage was over so the emotions were too. The love was gone so too must be the anger. And any stray emotion that indicated otherwise had to be shut down. So she shut it down. Shut all of it down. Acted as if Arizona was just a colleague, someone she shared a daughter with but nothing more. Acted as if what they'd once shared had been nothing more than a brief fling, an interlude. Nothing to miss, nothing whose demise was worth mourning.

All that rationality, all the suppressing. In the end it worked. She believed in all of it now. She was right to walk away. Their marriage,their love, all of it had been nothing but a fleeting moment in time. Not worth remembering. Not worth feeling. Not worth feeling anything. So she stopped. Stopped caring. Stopped feeling.

And so they began a weird friendship. One in which they both seemed happy to be complicit. They had coffee and shared funny anecdotes about their surgeries and interns and Callies love life. They laughed loudly when alone together, all bright wide smiles and enthusiasm. It was the fakest relationship she'd seen outside a badly scripted reality TV show. But Arizona went along with it and so did she. Sometimes she told herself that they were doing it for Sofia's sake. Sometimes she even believed it. And occasionally there was a glimmer of the past. When they were each others person. Occasionally they would seek each other out for advice as if the trust and the bond still existed.

She no longer looked for love, didnt want it or need it. The only thing she needed her heart for now was to push blood into her arteries and around her body. That other function of the heart,to feel and to care? She shut that down as a needless distraction.
The only distraction she needed was physical and she had people lining up for her when she needed that.

When Penny Blake came into her life she made her laugh. Penny was kind, warm. gentle. She demanded nothing. And it was just fun and Callie had never experienced that before. She had never been in a relationship where her heart wasn't on the line. Nothing was demanded of her and simultaneously Penny was prepared to be whatever Callie needed, to give her whatever she needed. It was the perfect relationship for someone who no longer had it within herself to care too much.

When she told people that she'd met someone special, that Penny and she laughed and finished each other's sentences she knew Arizona would hear. And she didnt care. When she asked Arizona to meet Penny, to go to Merediths party so she could meet her, when she told her that she would like her, she didn't care if that was appropriate or not. She didnt care if it was fair.

She had moved on. She had not been the one left behind. She was not the sad girl left chewing her hair at the back of the class. She was not the victim this time. She would never let herself be the victim again.

When she heard that Arizona had finally started dating again she told herself she was relieved. When she'd heard that Richard Webber was acting as wingman she knew it was just typical misheard gossip. Her ex- wife needed no wingman, she could have her choice of women.

And so even more she threw herself into her own relationship. Standing by her girlfriend even in the face of formidable opposition. And for a while life went on. She was happy, no more no less. Arizona, gossip would have it, was happy. Playing the field, back to her old pre Callie slutty self. And Callie didnt care.

Their daughter was a happy child, seemingly undamaged by her parents split. Happily dividing her time between two very loving mothers, two happy homes. Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres was a poster child for an amicable divorce.

And then Penny won the Preminger Grant. And Callie had a choice to make. A choice no one asked her to make. And Callie, the woman who didnt care, cared very much suddenly that no one seemed to care at all. Not Arizona who was clearly so okay with her ex wife's new relationship with the woman she referred to as "your Penny" that she had no problem with Sofia meeting her. Not Penny who was leaving for New York.

And she wasnt going to be left again. She wasnt going to be the one left behind, all sad and pathetic. Not after telling everyone how she'd never been happier, how the sex was just mind blowing. Not after choosing her over her friends. Not after rubbing Arizona's face in it. She was no victim, not anymore. And she refused to be seen as one.

Callie Torres walked tall these days. And she intended to keep it that way. Even if she had to walk over others to do it.

"Oh, she's back alright, she's here. They got back last night, she's just avoiding me,like the spineless coward she..."

"Torres!" Webber might no longer be Chief but to those around the Table who'd started their careers with him as such he would always be the Chief. And a rebuke from Richard Webber bore authority.

But Callie was angry, angrier than she could remember being. Last night Sofia came home and told her she didnt want to go NewYork anymore. She'd sat down with her daughter, before Arizona involved lawyers, and told her all about this great new adventure they were going to go on. How they were going to go to the Big Apple, the City that never sleeps. See all the sights. And Sofia seemed more excited than anyone.

And that was true. Almost 6 year old Sofia Torres loved new adventures. And she was so excited that Penny was going to be there too. She liked Penny. Penny was fun. Penny bought her two scoops of ice cream when both Mommy and Mama only ever allowed her one.

And Mama was going to visit all the time too, Mommy had told her so. She saiid Mama could visit as much as she wanted and Sofia knew that meant lots cause Mama always told her how much she missed her when she was in Mommy's house. So New York was going to be the funnest place ever with Mommy and Penny and Mama and going on boat trips to see the Lady with the Liberty and horse rides in this big gigantic park in the middle of the City and it was going to be the biggest adventure ever.

But now after two weeks with Arizona, two weeks she had only agreed to because she'd felt sorry for her ex, sorry for the broken woman she'd seen after the Judge made her decision,suddenly Sofia was refusing to go. Last night shortly after Arizona dropped her off, Sofia had gotten really upset. In the end she'd been close to hysterical and had cried herself to sleep.

"I get it Richard, you're on her side, you have made that perfectly clear. I'm Big Bad Callie and she's poor little Arizona, well let me tell you just how...."


Two voices rang out in unison. Meredith Grey and Miranda Bailey almost totally in sync. What might have been said next was lost as the door opened and an exhausted and harried looking Arizona entered muttering an apology before stopping in her tracks, the tension in the room was palpable and a blind Man would have noticed the thunderous look on Richard Webbers face. A quick glance at Callie saw a matching look, for once not directed at her. She told herself she was immune to them anyway now. She knew that wasn't true.

Before another word could be uttered by anyone Miranda asked, "Arizona, how did the surgery go? Are the...." She paused and looking pointedly down the table added, "A mother, carrying twins, 22 weeks gestation was brought in last night following a collision on the Freeway, Dr. Robbins was paged at 9pm."

Callie had the good grace to look ashamed. Arizona had dropped Sofia back just before 8pm. Arizona had stayed in the car. They hadnt actually spoken directly to each other since the day of the hearing. All communication now by text or intermediary. She wasnt even sure Arizona had looked her in the eye once since the verdict.

Arizona shook her head sadly, " we couldn't save the Mom, she's on life support but there's no brain stem activity.The smaller of the twins , the amniotic sac...well I, we repaired, she's just hanging on. The other one, is also in distress, if we can keep the Mom on life support for a few days, there's a chance....honestly I think we'd need a couple of weeks if they are to survive delivery."

"Well that can be done, right?" Avery asked. Karev nodded but Arizona interjected, " the baby's Dad wants to...but her parents are the next of kin and they...want to shut off life support, We're going to need to convene the Ethics Committee, lawyers are on their way."

"What the hell is wrong with people? There are babies...why would they bring lawyers into..." Kepner stopped, looking sheepishly at Jackson before catching two other pairs of eyes.

Bailey began quickly "Right so... Now that we are all here..the first order of business is the ongoing difficult financial situation in Dermatology. Overheads are too high and income is too low...we..."

And so the Board meeting dragged on,as it always did,the usual budgetary problems, the usual staffing disputes, minor appointments to be ratified, major vacancies to be filled.

"Ok, so just one last piece of business. This of course will be Dr. Torres last Board meeting as she will be leaving on her open ended sabbatical at the end of the week", Bailey looked around. Torres head held high, that smile adorning her face again. Webber frowning, Kepner looked like she might start to cry. Karev and Grey inscrutable as usual, Avery smiling like the Good Politician he'd been raised to be. Robbins looking studiously at her notes on the desk., " All that remains is to wish her well in her future and to thank her for her immense contribution to this Hospital over her time here. I think it's fair to say that she leaves the Hospital a better place, a better Hospital and that she will be much missed as a Doctor and colleague and..."A tiny catch in her throat was just about audible, "...as a dear friend."

Avery started the applause,and everyone joined in, some less enthusiastic than others. As it died down he said, "To Doctor Callie Torres" and everyone repeated his words, all except one, who little more than whispered, "To Calliope".

And the smile slipped, as anger flared, " oh come on Arizona, don't pretend to sit there and care..." And when Arizona raised her head it angered her even more. The anger she'd seen at the hearing was still there, intensified if anything. And more too, she wasnt sure what it was, pain, grief, sorrow, all these emotions and more suddenly given freedom to roam across her gorgeous face. And defeat. When a solitary tiny droplet seemed to escape from from Arizonas left eye Callie could feel almost uncontrollable anger well up inside her. Arizona had no right, none. Not now, not after all this time. Not after all this time of not caring. Of moving on. Of being fine.

" I have patients to check on." Arizona pushed her chair away from the table and was out the door faster than seemed possible.

Callie was next, anger propelling her.

The rest of the Board stayed in their seats. Silent until Karev said what they all thought , "What a goddawful bloody mess!"

"You should start looking for a new Fetal- Maternal Surgeon, I hear they're even harder to find than decent Orthos." Avery stated. No one else spoke.


911 (4)



It was awkward.
Sitting in the consult room of the newly refurbished Breast Clinic.
Sitting there making small talk.

"So the place looks great." Arizona finally spoke, waving her hand around the room.

"After the amount of money we and the Avery foundation have put into it should do."

Arizona, Bailey and Meredith had pushed hard for this. Along with several department heads. They wanted GSMH to be the "go to" hospital in the Pacific Northwest for,amongst other things,Women's Health. Arizona had argued that with the reputation their Peds, Obstetrics and Gynecological Departments had for many years coupled with her building reputation in Fetal Medicine they already cornered huge chunks of the female medical market already. She'd built a case that ensuring that the Hospital was a renowned centre of excellence for treatment of the most common cancer to affect women made complete sense.

And so, after a lot of hard work and huge capital out lay the new clinic had opened a few months ago with the best equipment money could by. They'd also recruited far and wide across the US for the best cancer specialists. Little did Arizona think she'd be sitting here so soon and not as a Doctor.

"Yeah, I guess but..."

"Call Eye Op Torres?" A young woman with an iPad called out hesitantly causing Arizona to giggle nervously. The look Callie shot her had nothing on the look thrown the way of the young woman.

"It's Callie."

"Oh, ok, sorry...it's an unusual name, Call Ee Op."

"No! It's just Callie."

"It's Calliope...." Arizona laughed, sobering up quickly when Callie glared at her again "...but no-one is allowed to call her that except..." she paused, just for a second catching Callie's eye, a flicker of something unknown crossing both their faces "...her father."

"Sorry... and I'm sorry I'm a little late, I'm new here and I still lose my bearing around the Hospital" the young woman apologised again, clearly a little flustered "...so my name is Annabelle and I'm going to take care of you today and the first thing we're going to do is..."

"No. We're not." Arizona said, all hint of laughter gone.

Callie looked at her in confusion.

"We need someone else, someone who isn't five."

Callie went to apologise for Arizona but was interrupted , "No Callie, this is important, too important to be left to a, a Duckling, a baby Duckling at that!" She turned her sights on Annabelle. "How old are you? What are your credentials? Exactly how long have you..."

Annabelle smiled and nodded. Patients came into this clinic (and others like it) every day. Some came alone, others accompanied. Some looked nervous,others nonchalant. But she'd been doing this long enough to know that, regardless of how they presented, almost all were scared. And sometimes it was the family and friends who accompanied them that were the most scared of all.

She pulled up a chair and sat down and faced them both.

"I get it. You're scared, you're nervous.." she noticed the blonde was shaking her head getting ready to speak so she addressed her in particular "...and you see me, a 'kid with an iPad' and ..." She shook her head and smiled "...I'm fully qualified, have been for five years.I'm new to this Hospital but not to the job, okay?"

"See, she's not a baby at all." The brunette spoke and raising one eyebrow, "You should really stop calling people babies...and newborns and...poultry" The blonde frowned and blushed and frowned again, muttering an apology to the room rather than the individuals in it.

You became pretty good at reading people in this job but this pair confused her.
They didn't quite look like family although she supposed. Still they didn't give off a sibling vibe, not even a fighting siblings vibe. When she walked in they were clearly awkward in each others company yet they seemed oddly intimate too. Almost too intimate for friends. Too awkward too.

"It's fine. Really. And really you're in great hands. This hospital has the finest facilities, the best staff. You couldn't be in a better place. And now what we are going to do first is a thorough breast exam, mostly concentrating on your left breast where you've complained of a small anomaly...and then I'll arrange a mammogram and if necessary a biopsy. But firstly I'll carry out an exam."

Callie breathed in deeply, slowly exhaling. This was the beginning, she realised the ending was beyond her control. In fact pretty much all of it was. The young Doctor exuded confidence, she supposed it would put the majority of patients at ease. It might be true though, the old saying, that Doctors made the worst patients.

"Uhm...do you want me to leave for this part?" Arizona whispered.

Callie's answer was a puzzled look. And a shake of her head.

So she stayed as Callie laid back on the consult room gurney, opening her gown and allowing Dr. Annabelle to proceed to give her a very thorough examination, taking notes as she went. At some point, as the Doctor poked and prodded, hummed and hawed, tapped out notes on her iPad and manipulated her left breast Callie had tentatively stretched out her right hand until her fingertips touched Arizona's. And when the Doctor moved onto Callie's rightside Arizona simply moved silently to Callie's left and fingertips found each other again.

Arizona wanted to cry. And she didn't quite understand why. This whole thing was wrong. Callie shouldn't have a lump. She shouldn't be there. Wanting to cry gave way to wanting to shout. In anger, in frustration. At the unholy mess that they had made. But she kept quiet and instead made small talk instead.

"So how long have you been at the Hospital?"

"This is my second week, I moved to Seattle from Chicago three weeks ago. So far it's been great, the facilities here are incredible, the powers that be, I mean the people who run the Hospital want it to be the best Centre on the Pacific coast so it was such an opportunity for me to work here..." As she rambled on, extolling the virtues of the Hospital it was obvious she had no clue as to the identity of her patient or her companion.

"... I miss Chicago though, I mean I don't know anyone in Seattle and, oh my God does it ever stop raining?"

Arizona smiled and remembered a young patient she'd treated a lifetime ago who'd complained about the rain, and repeated the words of a promising young intern called Alexandra Grey " I know, but that's why it's so gorgeous and green. And when the rain stops and the sun starts peeking through the clouds, there's nowhere else I'd rather be, everything smells fresh and verdant and... life feels full of growth and possibility."

Later, after the mammogram, Annabelle left to get what she needed to carry out the needle stick biopsy.

"Seriously, Arizona? Can you stop it already?" Callie huffed. She was scared. She'd kept hoping the Doctor would say it was nothing, to go away and stop imagining phantom lumps but instead she just kept doing her job. So she was scared...and annoyed...and Arizona was there...


"Stop with the flirting, she's my Doctor for gods sake."

"I'm not flirt...what are you talking about?"

"Ooh Annabelle, you should go for a walk barefoot in the park just after it rains, the dewy grass feels so good between your toes..." Callie mimicked in a falsetto.

"I dont sound like that and I'm just being nice..." Arizona retorted, not bothering to conceal her anger "...and furthermore...I have a girlfriend and..."

"Oh, yeah, like that would stop you..."

Callie saw the fleeting look of hurt on her ex-wife's face,masked almost immediately by stoney stoicism. She knew she was being a bitch. And utterly unfair. She knew that. But damn it, she had a lump and she might have cancer and she might...and she was beyond scared. And it wasn't fair. None of this was fair. And so she lashed out, because Arizona was there and because Arizona was her .. well Arizona was Arizona.

And she was there.

And she didn't regret her decision of almost two years ago. The decision to walk, to leave, to leave her wife behind. It still felt like the right call, for both of them. She only had to look at Arizona these days to know that. Her ex-wife was freer, happier and more successful than ever. In her career, in her life. And she had a girlfriend now.

But still she was Arizona. The person who still evoked in her the strongest of feelings. Even if now those feelings were mostly anger and bitterness and sadness and...whatever. They,the two of them were still bound by something, maybe only by the past but bound no less. And life was unfair and, at times, horribly so. If life was fair, if life had been fair to them then they would still be a "they" and all the reasons why they couldn't, shouldn't and wouldn't ever be a "they" again shouldn't exist.

But the reasons did exist. And they always would. And life goes on.

And now she might have cancer. And if she wanted to lash out and be a bitch to the person who was only here to support and help then she would be. Surely today, of all days, she was allowed to be. Surely today she was allowed a free pass for bad behaviour?

She heard Arizona mutter, as much to herself as to Callie, "So much for forgiveness." And she muttered back, somewhat shamefaced, "Sorry" and silence was easier than speech. Even when Dr. Annabelle Smyth returned they stayed mostly silent. They spoke to her, looked at her,but not at each other, not to each other. It pretty much mirrored their relationship these days. No matter how the conversations began, no matter what the topic, no matter the context; if left alone they ended up in silence. Nothing to say that wouldn't lead to hurtful words and wounded silences.

And yet, and yet...

"Ok, so, based on everything I see so far, the mammogram, the blood tests, everything points to..."

This was it. The next words out of Doctor Smyth's mouth could change Callie's life for good. Their lives for good. And they didn't speak or look at each other but two hands reached out and found each other all the same. Reached out and grasped and squeezed and held on tight. This was it.

"... nothing more than a cyst. We will drain it, it may be a quite sore for a few days, and then we will monitor you..."

Dr. Smyth spoke of new protocols, of all test results being reviewed by independent eyes, an independent test by another specialist who would not know the first Doctors prognosis. It was a means of ensuring that there were no false negatives, that nothing got missed. Just protocol. Nothing to worry about really.

They listened but, for Arizona at least, the rest of her words were just meaningless. She was a Doctor and should have been interested in the typology of the cyst, the epidemiology and a hundred other tests and 'ologies' but all she heard was that Callie was going to be fine and nothing else mattered.

Relief surged through Callie's body, exhaling loudly, almost leaping in the air with relief and joy. She smiled at the Doctor who smiled back. She beamed at Arizona who beamed back. Hands still interlocked. Neither grip lessened.

Arizona began to ask a question but before she'd finished Callie's phone rang. A picture of a slightly familiar face showing up on the screen. It was whatshername. And Arizona let go of Callie's hand.

"Tiffany?" Callie answered, Arizona tried not to listen to the one way conversation, hearing Callie say a variety of 'ok's, 'yeah's, and finally a "chat to you later" before the call ended. She turned to Dr. Smyth and said "So we are pretty much done here?" Dr. Smyth nodded and added 'I'm just going to give you a script for some pain relief and go get you some pamphlets about aftercare" and she left the room to do just that.

"So, do you wanna go get a coffee or maybe a doughnut or..." A still euphoric Callie asked. She wanted to celebrate.

"Tiffany must be relieved and delighted." Arizona blurted out in reply. She wanted to celebrate too, hell she wanted to throw her hands up in the air and yell and dance and...but Callie's girlfriend had just called adding a dose of reality to the situation.

"Oh, well...actually I didn't tell her about...well you know..."

"What? why not?" The Callie she knew was not one who hid her emotions. In fact she'd half expected to arrive to the clinic today to be met by Callie and her girlfriend and to be told her presence was surplus to requirements. Which would have been fine, kind of.

"I guess I...well I didn't want to worry her really." She had thought about it for about half a minute but Arizona was going to be there so she didn't need her girlfriend too. And after all if it had been something serious well Arizona would have understood the terminology and the implications. If the news had been bad and Callie's world thrown into chaos it would be important to have someone knowledgeable there, to ask the right questions, to remember the answers. Her marketing guru girlfriend would have been out of her depth. And besides they were happy and she was quite happy to live in their light- hearted bubble for a little longer. No need to burst it with talk of biopsies and such like before absolutely necessary.

"Oh." Arizona's response was short and quiet.

"Yeah. I mean why worry family and friends and loved ones to death only for a completely harmless little cyst, right?" God she was relieved, so so relieved. She'd dodged a bullet and right now felt like she was walking on air. "I didn't tell my Dad either."

"Yeah, of course." Arizona's response this time was barely audible.

Callie was oblivious. "So how about that coffee, I'll even get you a rainbow sprinkled doughnut?" She smiled widely.

Arizona just stared back. As if she was looking at her for the first time.


Arizona just kept staring. Shaking her head and staring.

"Arizona?" Callie said more forcefully.

Arizona's only response was to shake her head and say, "You must consider me to be the worlds greatest fool..." then laughed bitterly before adding, "... maybe I am. But I'm done. I am so done.

And Dr. Smyth returned before Callie could even open her mouth in reply and Arizona stood up in silence, walked to the door, and left without a backward glance.

911 (3/?)

Title: 911 (3/?)
Author: Neolithicdream
Pairing/Character: Do you need to ask? Calzona.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They are not together. And that is fine. Callie has her girlfriend, Arizona has hers. They aren't friends. All that binds them is their daughter. But the correct response to a 911 page is to run. That much hasn't changed.

A/N: I don't watch the show anymore. So this isn't canon past their final breakup. I don't expect anything from the show and I'm not even sure I'd want a Calzona reunion on the show. BUT my little fangirl heart beats on in fanfic. This is one of my many fantasy takes on how they come together. There will be significant others mentioned and harsh words exchanged but this is still pure Calzona.
A/N: Thanks for reading and especially those who took time to comment, something I don't always take the time to do myself.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

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911 (2/?)

Title: 911 (2/?)

Author: Neolithicdream 

Pairing/Character: Do you need to ask? Calzona.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: They are not together. And that is fine. Callie has her girlfriend, Arizona has hers. They aren't friends. All that binds them is their daughter. But the correct response to a 911 page is to run. That much hasn't changed.

A/N: I don't watch the show anymore. So this isn't canon past their final breakup. I don't expect anything from the show and I'm not even sure I'd want a Calzona reunion on the show. BUT my little fangirl heart beats on in fanfic. This is one of my many fantasy takes on how they come together. There will be significant others mentioned and harsh words exchanged but this is still pure Calzona.
A/N: Thanks for reading and especially those who took time to comment, something I don't always take the time to do myself. 

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libellous, defamatory, or in any way factual

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